What is House Church?


House Church (HC) is the primary way that we make disciples within The Grove. These groups gather at least one time throughout the week to invite one another into community, share the gospel, and build relationships.¬† Even though we have categorized the HC’s by what day they gather and where they gather, once you are plugged into a HC you will see that these groups are much more than a gathering of people on a specific night of the week. They aim to spend time together learning how their Identity in Christ reshapes their regular rhythms everywhere they eat, work, play, and learn. You will find that these groups are made up of folks from all walks of life. Some have been Christians for years, while some would say they are not Christians at all. While they do gather as a small group they are not small groups. While they do study the bible, but they are not solely bible studies. They are communities of people learning to live out the gospel in the everyday stuff of life.

What Should I expect When I Come to House Church?

This will look different from HC to HC, but for the most part we EAT! We share in a meal together where we all share in serving one another by bringing something. We do not ask you to bring something if you are new or visiting a House Church unless you would like to. Throughout eating together, we engage in conversations where we listen to the needs of the community and learn how to ask good engaging questions to one another. Some weeks we will dive in and discuss scripture, and some weeks we will hear the needs of a hurting person or family and sit and pray for them. At the end of the day, House Church is a place where we can love God, love others, and bring Jesus to a hurting community.

What about Kids?

Bring them! Kids are a vital and important part of our community. We believe in multi-generational discipleship. And that is just a big phrase that means we want your kids to connect to everyone in your HC and view them as family. Our goal is for your kids to have many sets of spiritual aunts and uncles that they can lean on and learn from as they grow.

Sometimes our House Church gatherings get chaotic and loud. Kids are running around and having fun. But after spending time praying into what is best for the kids, we want them to spend as much time around older kids, teenagers, and adults as we pursue Jesus together. So bring the whole family! We hope that when you show up, you feel like we are one big crazy family and that makes you feel right at home.

Interested in a House Church?