Just think about this…


What if church could be a place where people could be honest and vulnerable about their shortcomings and not fear rejection? What if church became a place where people knew what we are for more than what we are against? What if the church could be known for their love for one another and the community, resembling a close knit family and not getting caught up in a consumerist mindset?

Here is the truth… a community is a group of people linking arms in pursuit of the same goal. For us at The Grove, that goal is to be more like Jesus Christ every day. Sometimes that means we need someone beside us cheering us on as we move. But sometimes, we need someone standing in front of us sharing a hard truth that we need to hear. Other times, living in community is simply knowing when your friend needs someone to sit next to them and say nothing.


Our calling at The Grove Church is to become disciples of Jesus Christ that make disciples of Jesus ChristWe have created an environment where people can come and immediately be included and feel welcome to be honest and vulnerable, even in the midst of their messiness. But just like most families, we love you too much to let you sit and roll around in your mess. We will climb into your pit and walk with you step by step until you are on dry ground. Our goal is for you to find and follow Jesus Christ with every breath that you take. But rest assured, you won’t be alone on that journey. We are all walking together.


In summary…

We are a community of Christ followers who pursue Jesus saturation one authentic relationship at a time.

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