Our Values

It’s all about Jesus. We are unwavering that everything begins and ends with Jesus.

Prayer isn’t the only thing we do, but it’s the first thing we do. We will seek God first. We are passionate about and value intimacy with God.

Rest isn’t just beneficial, it’s biblical. After six days of creating the heavens and the earth, God rested. A Sabbath (rest) has been a command since the beginning. We need it!

Laughter is good.  We love to laugh and plan to do so often! Our goal is to make a big deal of Jesus while never taking ourselves too seriously.

Everyone’s welcome. We believe everyone’s significant with a unique design and we will do anything to make room for one more.

Worship is more than just a song. We believe that we worship in all aspects of our life. If you are only worshiping on Sunday Mornings, you are missing the true meaning of worship.

Balance is important. We believe in balancing truth and grace. We are a grace filled people rooted in the truth of the Gospel.